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What are Vegan Cosmetics?

People are normally vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But being a vegan (vegetarian) is much more than just this simple food choices you make. It is actually a complete form of life that is based on the thinking that, no animal in any way should be harmed to fulfill any kind of human requirement. This is very easy to take care of, when it comes to food. You can simply stop eating animal products like, honey, dairy products, eggs and meat, and concentrate more on foods that are plant based, like vegetables, fruits, beans, grains, etc.

But, when it comes to makeup, things can get a little too confusing.

vegan-cosmetics-1 What are Vegan Cosmetics?
Vegan Cosmetics

What are Vegan Cosmetics?

Vegan cosmetics are products that are mainly focused on mineral and plant based ingredients. Plants have actually been used from centuries to treat a variety of skin problems and heal the issues forever. On the other hand, the products based on minerals treat a variety of skin problems, and some like zinc oxide, is proven to give extensive protection from the effects of sunburn. These ingredients are proven to soothe, heal and nourish your skin, similarly to any non-vegan cosmetic products. Moreover, these products are also free from pesticides and preservatives.

Animal Testing

No doubt that your product is free from any animal-based ingredient, but what about a cosmetic product that has been tested on animals? After all, checking the effectiveness of a cosmetic product on animals is also a cruelty on them.

vegan-cosmetics-2 What are Vegan Cosmetics?
Vegan Cosmetics

So if you want to use vegan products, you also need to ensure that the products are not tested on animals. Moreover, testing the products on animals is not even useful, as it is never able to actually determine the effectiveness on humans. Because of this reason, animal testing is completely banned in the European nations.

How to Buy a Vegan Cosmetic Product?

You can easily check the list of ingredients mentioned on the product and check if the product claims to be a vegan product or not. The main ingredients in them can be, nut butters, naturally derived oils, herbs, and other plant ingredients. Many other organic ingredients are also added in them.

Still, if you are not sure about any product, you can always think about contacting a company. If they directly claim that their products are 100% vegan, you can go ahead and purchase them.

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