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Give yourself trendsetting look by using Prestige cosmetic

Since 29 years, Prestige cosmetic has provided number of products to the fashion lovers. Every time, it comes with innovative products to give women an exceptional beauty and confidence. It includes number of product categories like cosmetics for eyes, lips, face and also offers accessories for makeup artists, etc and each category it offers number of products. All their products are of superior quality and are the top choice among fashion lovers.

Eye cosmetic:

It includes Eye primer, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, etc. Eye primer provides the solution to last eye shadows for longer time with antioxidant property that gives soothing effect to the eye. Prestige cosmetics offer vibrant colors of eye shadows with single color and dual color combinations like dark and light purple, chocolate and pink and many more. Eyeliners come in various colors like indigo, leafy color, brown, black and many more. It offers smooth application and can also be used as shadow. Many other types of eyeliner like waterproof and long lasting, minerals, etc are also available, which provides best look to the eyes.

Face cosmetic:prestige-cosmetics-5 Give yourself trendsetting look by using Prestige cosmetic

This category includes face primer, beauty balm, face powder, bronzer and blusher. Their beauty balm is the best cream solution, which are oil free and provides great protection against UV radiation. It is best for daily use. Face primer works great as a base to get perfect makeup. Prestige cosmetics offer superb foundation with different composition and shades like wet and dry warm ivory, Natural beige, bisque, wheat, etc, mineral foundation fair, natural, warm mocha, etc, translucent powder. They are light in weight, blends well with the skin to give smooth and flawless skin. Blush includes number of colors like candy pink, plush plum, pink sorbet, etc. Bronzer includes different varieties like sunflower illuminating powder, baked bronze, etc that works best as highlighter and suits to all skin tone.

Lip cosmetic:

It includes Lip liner, Lip stick and lip gloss. It includes both normal and waterproof lip liner with wide range of colors like red brick, rose wood, plum, cocoa, baby pink, and many more. It offers smooth and easy application. It offers long lasting performance and is smudge free.

Many accessories like eye makeup brushes, faux eye lashes, sharpeners, etc are also available in Prestige cosmetic product line.


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