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Add versatility to your closet with Colored Jeans

No bottom wear clothing comes close in offering the comfort and effortless movement of denims. Since they gained popularity in the 1960’s, denims have become the preferred clothing for bottom wear in many parts of the world. The success and wide acceptance of denims can be attributed to the fact they are exceptionally versatile. They can serve a whole lot of purposes from weekend getaways to family occasions. They can be even worn to evening parties and get-togethers. Add to that an incomparable comfortable experience and it is really no surprise why denims are loved universally. Traditionally, jeans or denims are available in shades of blue and also colors such as black, white or

colored-jeans-5 Add versatility to your closet with Colored Jeans
Colored Jeans

grey. These conventional colors are usually a part of every woman’s closet and serve them a lot of purposes. But with new dyeing methods and evolution of denim fashion styles, colored jeans are in style right now. Colored jeans can offer a distinct and chic look if matched with the perfect accessories. Your wardrobe can also become versatile now when you add different pairs of colored jeans to match with your other clothing accessories. With a lot of color choices at your disposal, it can be an intimidating task to find the right choice suitable for your needs. Here’s a self help guide to keep in mind for easing your shopping experience.

Know the dyeing methods

Most colored jeans attain their color by dyeing a white piece of fabric, which is denim in this case. White denims are dyed with different procedures such as stock dyeing, yarn dyeing and garment dyeing among others. Since, colors are dyed onto white cotton twills; the fading process can start early if proper care is not taken while washing colored jeans.

Choose the right color combinations

Red jeans can be styled with earthly and pastel colors for a classy look. Yellow jeans are most suitable to wear in summer months and spring seasons. Purple color can blend perfectly with white or lighter shades like lilac.

Caring for colored jeans

Washing same shades of colored jeans together is advisable. For example, Red, orange and pink can be washed together. Similarly purple and blue colored jeans can go together. Drying colored jeans naturally indoors is recommended since sunlight exposure can cause bleaching.

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